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Photo of Henry and Avril Masters

90th Birthday Party for Henry & Avril Masters

The West Country church is organising a birthday party for Henry & Avril Masters next month. Avril turned 90 in April and Henry will be 90 on 16th July. All are welcome! The celebration will take place on Sunday 17th July from 2-5pm at Cleeve House. Refreshments, cake and finger food will be served. If […]

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Birmingham Report. April 15th to May 15th. David and Patricia Earle

Pastoral Care Sunday Services  – Tom Pritty gave a testimony about his early experiences in the church, and David gave 3 sermons entitled : ‘What If…?’, ‘The Nurture of Nature’ and ‘GoCompare.com’. We met with our ‘Council of Elders’, the Knight, Pritty and Dirnhofer couples, to discuss the current status and development of our community. […]

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In search of a new finance committee member

In search of a new finance committee member There are currently six members of our charity’s finance committee. All these roles are voluntary. We meet together every 6 to 8 weeks, and our church president, Matthew Huish often joins us. Simon Cooper is stepping down from the finance committee and we are looking to find […]

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Bham peace Blessing feb_2016

Interfaith Peace Blessing “Towards the Ideal of One Family Under God”

Birmingham, UK, February 27, 2016. By David Earle. February 27th 2016 was a momentous day for the city of Birmingham, and beyond! 70 couples and, altogether 160 participants, people of sincerity, representing so many faiths, races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds -it felt like the whole world(!) – came together centred on our common recognition and […]

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Alice Thompson testimony 430 couples

Alice Thompson’s Testimony 430 couples

Alice Thompson from South London Region became the first member in the UK to fulfill the 430 Blessed Couples requirement for the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship mission. Recently, she spoke about how it was completed as well as her experience receiving the award from True Mother. Alice Thompson’s Testimony 430 couples from Joanna Hartl on Vimeo.

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Inaugural Council of Communities Meeting Leaves Attendees Looking Forward to the Next One

Overall the feeling at the end of the Council of Communities meeting was a positive one; Pastor Franklin explained that “Often when I come out of a meeting, I find myself feeling angry. This is the first time I haven’t felt that way.” With many others expressing how they felt “hopeful” about the future and […]

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Archbishop Stallings in South London FFWPU service

Archbishop Stallings in South London

 Sunday 31st January 2016 George Augustus Stallings, Jr. is the founder of the Imani Temple African-American Catholic Congregation, an African-American-led form of Catholicism. He served as a Roman Catholic priest from 1974 to 1989. In 1990, he made a public break with the Roman Catholic Church, was excommunicated that year. He was ordained a bishop […]

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Memorial bench

Memorial bench and millennium tree planted in Cassiobury Park

Jeff Bateman and Francoise Murphy from the North London FFWPU community are involved in the Watford Interfaith Group. To mark the start of the Peace Garden project in the Community Orchard in Cassiobury Park a memorial bench and a Yew Tree have been installed  in the fledgling Peace Garden. Read more in the Watford Observer:

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Seeking a Pastor for the Central London Community Church‏

There is a vacancy for someone to take up a pastoral leadership role in our community and we are looking for someone who can engage and help build a community for the future and be able to engage the next generation. They will have a team of volunteers and staff behind them through the work […]

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Bham family evening

Development of our Family Evenings and study of the Principles of Peace

Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1. October 2015: By David Earle As we continue to try and develop our potential to share the Principle with more people, we have been looking at the balance between informal and formal ways of interacting with one another during our Family Evenings, and also the value of sharing with our friends […]

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