2011 Annual Family Gathering at Cleeve House

Community members share their experience

Susan Crossthwaite:
I‘d forgotten that we didn’t have this gathering last year…it’s such an institution in our UK Blessed Families’ Annual experience, and I just love seeing people that are living at a distance that it’s not so easy to meet in the usual run of Unification Community life.

Wow, our own marquee!  It was such a good feeling to be contributing our entrance fee to pay for it, in order to save money over all.  Wise decision Simon and the Finance Committee! Thanks also to Carlo and Barbara for keeping Cleeve House in such good shape.

It was a beautiful enormous picnic as usual, and wonderful to be able to have a cup of tea with various people. …..beautiful also to see the growth of the little children, and the new babies, and the wonderful teenagers too.  Great to see old friends who don’t seem to have aged!  Amazing! [click pics to enlarge]

plenty of drinks to go roundSimon Cooperdelicious food

Simon Cooper spoke about connecting up all the different parts of our life so that we feel God’s presence and the sacredness of our life no matter what we are doing.  In considering how we can respond to True Father’s request that we share his message with 13,000 people, he urged us to be who we are – sacred and God loving people – and in that natural way spread the message and the opportunity to share the message wherever we are, and whatever we are doing.

Simon was also asking us to trust the TV Documentary people who would be present all day.  Hopefully, in the trust we give them, they will be able to be the decent and open people we wish they will see in us.  As a persecuted group, this is quite hard for us.  Once again, we are challenged to be who we are; to be genuine and honest, and to let go our past hurts.

How blessed we were to have a rain free day!  Thanks to God for a wonderful time!In coming together in fellowship and friendship we strengthen our bonds of love which are, after all, the source of joy and hope from which we can reach out to our community, and society and nation.

Jeff Bateman
The weather held out and provided us with a beautiful Sunny day for the Family gathering this year in Cleeve House.

Around 300 members gathered together for a very warm service with Central London HQ Church providing the Service with inspiring music and singing.  The Sermon was about living a wholesome, integrated life – “Life is like a peach not an orange.” This was followed by an inspiring talk from Tim Miller representing Pres. Song giving a brief synopsis of Pres. Songs talk during his ongoing visits to the communities. Jack Corley spoke about witnessing and introduced a new Working Document on methods of witnessing and in particular focusing on distributing True Fathers autobiography by 2013.

After the Service was a chance for people to catch up with old friends over lunch as well as speak to the camera crew who were filming this year for a Documentary on the matching and blessing. [click pics to enlarge]

fun and gamesyoung fun and gamesgreat music

With stalls selling everything from music to clothing, toys to greeting cards as well as church publications: there was plenty of other things to do for all ages.: Bouncy castle and slide; Sumo wrestling; stocks; paintball target shooting and full on paintballing; as well as lots of sports. There was a musical talent show with prizes for everybody who performed kindly donated by David Rennie.

All in all a great day was had by one and all and fro those who chose to stay on and camp over night there was more time to catch up late into the night!

It was fitting to have a morning service together before a full English breakfast served by Carlo and Barbara.

Thanks go to everyone who made the Weekend possible.

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  1. Robin Graham
    September 4, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    Love the motto:
    Empowering one another. Renewing the nation.

    Seems very apropos in the aftermath of all the riots and civil unrest.

  2. jennifer espindola
    September 14, 2011 at 2:38 am #

    Inspiring to hear your news. Wish I could have been there.
    God bless.

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