Caer Wenallt Peace Walk (Part 2)

monthly_peace_walk_3rd_March_2011This Peace Walk on Saturday, 3rd March was truly a ‘Walk for All Seasons’. The walk began with participants crossing a wooden style into a large field. On the left hand side was a hedgerow which was completely bereft of any vegetation or foliage – looking like a typical hedgerow in the middle of December.  On the right hand side, the sun was beaming down and it looked like a field on a clear Summer Day. Bobbing up and down between ruts in the field, were four birds – lapwings foraging for seeds from the early plantation (clearly a sign of Spring).

Monthly Peace Walk 3rd MarchWe continued down the field to encounter another wooden style which we crossed over just before we traversed a narrow footbridge above a clear water stream. We followed the stream as it meandered lazily through a meadow, occasionally gurgling as it bubbled over small obstacles.  After crossing two meadows we veered upwards across another field to meet woods on the hillside above. We went into the woods and noticed that the footpath was strewn with brown leaves – looking a lot like woodland in Autumn. As we continued through the woods, we heard a trickle of rain followed by a sudden shower. Fortunately, we did not get too wet under the cover of the trees but the weather had become Spring like.

Monthly Peace Walk 3rd March 2012After crossing another style at the end of the tail through the woods, we emerged into brilliant sunshine – looking a lot like Summer – as it shone across the fields ahead. We crossed two more fields before returning to the point where participants’ vehicles were parked. This was the completion of the first part of a figure eight route that we took. Some of our participants had other engagements to attend whilst a small group of us continued on the walk.

Monthly Peace Walk 3rd March 2012We followed a narrow footpath up a hill between field and houses until we reached a makeshift plastic barrier which was blocking the path. A lady emerged from a farm building and said that she had placed the barrier because one of her sheep had just given birth to a lamb. She took us to a barn to see the new-born lamb.  Afterwards, she showed us a route through her farm which was a shortcut up the hillside. We climbed up a fairly steep hill and at the top we could see the river estuary and the rooftops of Cardiff buildings in one direction and fields and hills leading into the Welsh Valleys in the opposite direction.

We completed our walk by descending the hill via a footpath which passed by a few grazing sheep and continued past a small group of horses. The footpath led us directly back to our starting point and culminated in a truly exhilarating and enjoyable afternoon with moments of experiencing a plethora of the British seasonal, unpredictable weather.

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