First Youth Project 2012

This was our very first service project that we decided to do in the local community of Llanishen, North Cardiff. It came about when we all agreed after a short meeting that we want to start of with a purposeful project that will bring us ‘youngsters’ together and enjoy our friendships as well as make a difference in the area. I contacted Chris from ‘Keep Wales Tidy’ to ask if he could provide us with equipment if we were to tidy up the local park and areas by the schools near our house. He responded promptly and so we met on the Friday with about 12 of us attending.

Chris from 'Keep Wales Tidy'

First we gathered and enjoyed each other’s company while chatting and drinking tea before the ‘action’ began. Then Chris from ‘Keep Wales Tidy’ arrived and kindly provided us with pickers, gloves, bags and rings to hold the bags. He was very humourous and happy to join us in our project. The atmosphere was very positive and the sun came out as well. We cleared areas near a shop and schools and the local park/woods which resulted in 17 bags full of rubbish a wheel cap and a broken barbeque. After that success and seeing that the area looked much better already, we enjoyed a few ball games in the park and then headed back for a well deserved barbeque (in case you’re wondering we didn’t use the one we found 🙂

All in all we had a great time and got lots of good feeback, including from a local resident who tried for years to get the council to clean the space by her house and was so grateful that we took responsibility, especially as she sees youngester only making a mess usually and not picking it up. Now she and other local residents as well as parents and children coming and going to school can enjoy their green spaces much more. That was definately a few hours well spent.

By Nicole German

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