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We didn’t deck the halls with boughs of holly last Saturday evening, but there was a beautifully trimmed tree and many other festive adornments decorating the dining room in Livingstone House in preparation for the Bromley community Christmas party.  There was a noticeable absence of mistletoe (fortunately, perhaps) but there were candles and tinsel, with the mood cemented by the soundtrack of seasonal music playing in the background.

Many brothers & sisters had dedicated their precious time to prepare dishes of food that filled the banquet spread, including traditional turkey, Brussels sprouts and roasted vegetables.  As the revellers arrived,  they placed their edible offerings on the dining table in anticipation of the feast.  Once started, the shared meal was seasoned by jovial merriment contributed by the diverse community representing many generations and communities.

The highlight of the evening had to be the balloon game, tentatively called “Heaven & Hell”.  Some children weren’t too convinced about  the theology of this name, but they certainly enjoyed what the game entailed: A balloon was tied with string to each ankle of the participating members.  Standing within a circle indicated by masking tape on the floor, the aim of the game was to burst the balloons of the other participants in the game by stamping on them.  It was popping good fun.  Each round of the game involved a different age category: the under 15s champion was Rhiannon Davies; the young men champion was Yeremiah Farrell; the senior men champion was Trevor Davies; and the young women champion was Vicky Brouard.  Watch the videos below to get an idea of the fun involved!

The evening settled into a calm session of poetry recital, carol singing and joke telling.  The most heart-warming part of the evening was after the party had concluded, when everyone present chipped in to tidy the room, wash the dishes and ensure that everything was clean.  So intoxicating was the spirit of the evening, everyone was happy to continue spending time together in fellowship while we wound down the night.  Merry Christmas, everyone – especially to the members of the Bromley community – and a Happy New Year!

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