Magical music making medical aid possible

north koreaNorth Korea is largely hidden from the world due to the tightly controlled political, economic and social situation of the state and its determination to present to the world a prosperous and happy exterior, hiding the realities. The truth is that the country has been plagued with famine, economic hardship, disease and other suffering, including violation of human rights by demand for total devotion to the central leadership, with no differing points of view allowed. The International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF) recently set irffup a project to support the establishment of a medical centre for children in Pyongyang, North Korea, where, for example, due to lack of equipment and supplies, children’s operations have been conducted without anaesthetics. The goal has been to provide medical equipment, supplies and medicines for treatment of children, through sourcing free used and new equipment from hospitals, medical centres, pharmaceutical companies and the like in Europe and shipping them via China to a contact person in Pyongyang. The project is being managed along with the supervision of the North Korean Red Cross.

920205_10151561243945186_178796409_oWithin our Bromley community we have an Ambassador for Peace and professional jazz musician, David Silk, who performs regularly together with various other professionals at jazz functions throughout the world. He has played casually at Livingstone House with friends in the past, but on this occasion agreed to put together a group for this event. Last Saturday, David and friends performed in a beautifully prepared setting, to the delight of the audience, around 70+ persons, including many new guests to Livingstone House. 197746_10151427365517308_155288291_nAlso performing from our community were Bernard Chellew, David Rennie & Louise Mailhot-Rawlence, Joy Philippou & Ann Rogers, David Mann, Kathleen Moloney, Emiko Cohn & JeongHwa Lee, and a guest jazz singer/songwriter/pianist. The evening was prefaced by a festive paella and salad supper made by the team, followed by beautifully decorated small cakes made by Elisa Brann, and strawberries.

The total raised thus far from the evening, but with donations still coming in, was £530 net — a welcome contribution for the cause providing inspiration for future events.






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