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Six couples in the Bromley community recently completed the 7 weekly sessions that make up the Marriage Course.  A few weeks ago the conclusion of the course was celebrated in conjunction with the United Nations Day of the Family.  Many folks came together for the occasion, with some FFWPU members inviting their friends and colleagues to see what the course is about.

Candlelit dinner once a week for 7 weeks created the atmosphere for couples to enjoy time together

Candlelit dinner once a week for 7 weeks created the atmosphere for couples to enjoy time together

The Marriage Course is an excellent programme developed by the evangelical Anglican church Holy Trinity Brompton, using contemporary psychological understanding together with Christian principles to allow couples to discuss privately about their relationship’s strengths & weaknesses over a candle-lit dinner.  For many couples participating, the first session took them by surprise, seeing the dining room of Livingstone House transformed into a restaurant where they were waited on by volunteers who served drinks and a high quality 2-course meal.  They didn’t need to share any personal information with anyone else as they were sitting at their own table.  The distance between the tables, and the ambient music playing softly in the background, meant that couples were unable to hear what the others were talking about.  This allowed the couples to discuss sensitive topics relatively freely, as guided to do so by the course DVD and course manual.

IMG_4931Some of the couples who had completed the course shared about their experiences during the party at the end of the course.  One of the husbands admitted that it took some convincing to be on the course, but once on it he found it of value.  A first generation couple, whose introduction to each other was so different to the current norms of society, used this course to rediscover each other and grow in their friendship.  For a second generation couple just starting out

Party after the course's conclusion

Party after the course’s conclusion

on their journey together, this course gave them the opportunity to talk about important themes that they had not yet had the chance to discuss, and they were moved by the effort and investment of the volunteers who provided the opportunity for this couple to enjoy the course together.

The next cycle of the Marriage Course in the Bromley community will begin on Tuesday 5th September.  The course is also provided by many other churches across the country, so visit the original website if you want to find a course closer to you.  But if you, or a couple you know, lives in or near South East London and would like to attend the course, please contact Daniel Lindström who is coordinating the course in the Bromley community.

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