South Wales Community Youth Social Event!

Cardiff, United Kingdom, 7. September 2013

The group at the Ice skating rink at the Cardiff International Sports Village

Today, Saturday the 7th of September 2013, eleven young Unificationists including Elliot, Ka Young, Marina, Sam, Peter, Patrick, Shane, Jan, Nadia, Isaac, and James met for this month’s youth event… a couple of good hours’ ice skating at Cardiff International Sports Village followed by a tasty filling meal coupled with a simple meeting in the nearby Harvester.
Some of us met in Cardiff central and made our way from there while others got a lift in or rode their bike from home. However adventurously we travelled, we all arrived at the rink at approximately 1 o’clock, hired our skates, and got on the chilling ice! It was a lot of fun! A special well done goes out to Peter for whom it was his first time ice skating and didn’t fall over.

The group having lunch at the local Harvester.
At 3 o’clock we headed for the Harvester to have a meal on our pre-booked table. During the meal James provided each member of the group with printed brainstorm charts from Peter that covered the highlights of a youth meeting earlier that week at Pastor Ron’s, and suggestions for development were given by everyone present.

We decided on a monthly schedule for our youth activities… we will have a meeting after the Family Service every first Sunday of the month in Wenvoe and then have a social event or service project every second Saturday of the month.
We also discussed opening a bank account specifically for the youth in Wales and implementing fundraising activities to finance our activities.
Thank you to everyone who came, it was really good to see you. With some now moving for university and starting new jobs, developing their guitar skills and starting STF, the future is becoming even more adventurous… we are with you every step of the way. And for those who couldn’t come today due to studies at home or other reasons, our prayers are with you too.

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