In search of a new finance committee member

In search of a new finance committee member

There are currently six members of our charity’s finance committee. All these roles are voluntary. We meet together every 6 to 8 weeks, and our church president, Matthew Huish often joins us.

Simon Cooper is stepping down from the finance committee and we are looking to find someone to replace him. Over the last 8 years the vision of the finance committee has been to balance the books and strengthen the long term financial security of our British movement in order to provide funds for our charitable purposes. It has been able to maintain a culture of making accountable and independent decisions that are not influenced by other agendas, and generally improve the financial lot of our organisation.

If you have an interest in being at the heart of where hard decisions are made in respect of how the charity’s finances are managed and to be given the opportunity to help ensure good stewardship of our assets, then this could be a role that you might want to investigate further.

We are fortunate to have significant freehold assets that help to provide a degree of stability and security for our movement here in the UK. But certainly there is scope for us to develop the use of our assets and various properties.

Please follow the link below to get an overview of our assets, and our income and expenditure that is presented in a visually easy to read format on our section of the charity commission’s webpage.

We are looking for a person who is committed to their community and the spiritual heritage of God’s tradition. They need to be interested in continuing to develop a healthy culture around our financial management and helping to ensure there will be a prosperous material foundation for generations to come.

There is no need to have a professional background in accountancy or finance, yet of course if this was the case it would be a significant benefit to the committee. If you believe you are someone who could bring a well argued opinion to a discussion, and a fresh perspective to add to the collective decisions that we make why not write back responding to this email (reply to: and apply for the vacant position. You will also be willing to make a commitment for a minimum of 18 months, but ideally it is a position that someone would remain in for around 3 years to ensure continuity.

All the best,

Simon Rosselli



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