Interfaith Peace Blessing “Towards the Ideal of One Family Under God”

Bham peace Blessing feb_2016
Birmingham, UK, February 27, 2016. By David Earle.

February 27th 2016 was a momentous day for the city of Birmingham, and beyond! 70 couples and, altogether 160 participants, people of sincerity, representing so many faiths, races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds -it felt like the whole world(!) – came together centred on our common recognition and understanding of the importance of marriage, and the value of the family, in maintaining a healthy society and building a world of peace. So much heart, collective effort and preparation had gone into this day, such that we were able to create a beautiful atmosphere together, transcending all our differences and making us genuinely feel like ‘One Family under God’, the overarching theme of this day of blessing. Read Article

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