South London

“The message whose time has come for this age is One Family Under God. Why a family? First, the family is universal. Regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality and religion, we are all members of families. Secondly, the family represents the most intimate of relationships. When we feel close to someone, we use familiar terms, saying “that person is like my father, my mother, my brother, my sister.” In the family we learn to love humanity in all its richness and diversity.”

  • Educational programs for couples, families and youth
  • Events empowering women
  • Yoga/keep fit classes
  • Self-development seminars

Our community gives a purpose to live for, people to live with and principles to live by.

Pastor Franklin Fortune and Mrs Cecilie Fortune

Pastor Franklin Fortune and Mrs Cecilie Fortune

Tel: 020 8665 1005

Mobile: 07403 257 477       (Franklin)

Mobile: 07941 692 256       (Cecilie)