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Inaugural Council of Communities Meeting Leaves Attendees Looking Forward to the Next One

Overall the feeling at the end of the Council of Communities meeting was a positive one; Pastor Franklin explained that “Often when I come out of a meeting, I find myself feeling angry. This is the first time I haven’t felt that way.” With many others expressing how they felt “hopeful” about the future and […]

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Family and Friends gathered at the Won Jeon.

Dr. Syed Ali’s Seung Hwa

South London, UK – Monday 6th May 2014 Dr. Syed Ali passed away quietly in the early morning of 6th May 2014. He had been in ill health for some time. Many people know his wife Margaret Ali. Syed was a quiet giant in mission behind her. Margaret has lost her greatest supporter.   We […]

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German Friendship Club – Easter Traditions

As I had booked the hall during Easter time, I felt that I should have an event explaining about Easter traditions in Germany. The preparations for doing so became more complicated than I initially thought they would be; it was difficult to find films about Easter traditions in Germany and it was impossible to get […]

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Nancy Jubb

Report on UPF/WFWP Conference on International Day of Families – 11 May 2013

“We need to regenerate the extended family, which is a microcosm of the wider society that provides a safe environment for children to learn about respect, kindness and service to others”, concluded the group of participants that gathered to commemorate the UN International Day of Families. The South London chapters of UPF (Universal Peace Federation) […]

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Report on WFWP/UPF Conference on International Women’s Day – 9th March 2013

“The sky is the limit to what you can achieve”, declared Councillor Bernadette Khan as she spoke earnestly about the message that mothers and grandmothers should be conveying to their daughters and grand-daughters. Speaking at a conference to commemorate International Women’s Day, hosted jointly by UPF (Universal Peace Federation) and WFWP (Women’s Federation for World Peace) […]

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Finance Image

Finance Report 2013

Financial Report 2012   2012 has been a difficult year in many ways (I don’t remember an easy year as yet and have probably lost more hair and had a few sleepless nights as a result) but the main issue was with the LG Façade. An original budget of about £275,000 became £350,000 as more […]

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Couples at Blessing Ceremony

Blessing Re-dedication Ceremony

South London’s Blessing Re-dedication Ceremony was held on February 17th at the Peace Embassy, where a number of couples rededicated themselves to each other.  

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True Father's Autobiography

Witnessing and Chillout in South London

Report: Witnessing and Chillout, South London by Sonja Read We held a second witnessing initiative for young people in South London on a Sunday after family service. We were 28 altogether, ranging from age 12 to 23 years old. As most of us had already participated in a similar witnessing initiative a couple of months […]

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Interfaith Worship in Birmingham

Interfaith Worship and Blessing Preparation Hospitality, Heart and Home

Birmingham, United Kingdom, 16. December 2012 What do Moroccan rice, Congolese doughnuts, Jamaican seaweed soup and Uncle David’s vegetable curry all have in common? [Apart from the fact that they were all home-made!] Well, all were on offer as part of the food and refreshments we shared together, following our collective worship on Sunday afternoon, December 16th. […]

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Group Photo

Family Evenings – Introductory Talk, and the Mission of Jesus

14th and 16th November 2012 Family Evenings to share the Principle with new and existing guests. This week was a very inspiring week for us to see God’s spirit working in a variety of ways – through the consistency of effort to reach out to others, through the internal unity of our members, through our making the […]

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