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Our Community

The Family Federation is made up of individuals and families throughout the world, a community of faith for whom the teaching and example of Sun Myung Moon and his family hold a special place. The Family Federation is a movement to encourage spiritual maturity in the individual and to promote the value of the extended family – […]

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Our Activities

Unificationists come from all walks of life. You won’t find anything unusual about their appearance or dress to distinguish them from others, and as the majority are working people they could be businessmen, lawyers, doctors, students, social workers, counsellors, politicians, entrepreneurs, bankers, nurses, bus drivers, musicians – almost any job you could think of. Some […]

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Our Beliefs

‘Belief’ is not as an important word to Unificationists as it might be to some other people. The reason for this is to be found in the nature of the Divine Principle. Recognising that in this age we need to move towards a view of life that can accommodate the rational world of scientific truth […]

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