Birmingham Report. April 15th to May 15th. David and Patricia Earle

Pastoral Care

Sunday Services  – Tom Pritty gave a testimony about his early experiences in the church, and David gave 3 sermons entitled : ‘What If…?’, ‘The Nurture of Nature’ and ‘’.

We met with our ‘Council of Elders’, the Knight, Pritty and Dirnhofer couples, to discuss the current status and development of our community.

We have been trying to help one couple where there is some very serious friction, Patricia talking with the wife and David with the husband.

We will try to talk with them both together soon.

It would be good to have someone who is a trained counsellor in our community to shoulder some of the burden, as Susan C has sometimes suggested.

Sisters’ prayer after each Sunday Service, and a Sisters’ Meeting about twice a month.



Patrick Pritty attended and helped teach at the CARP workshop at Chiselhurst in April.

Patrick and Viola Dirnhofer are working with Tom Pritty to prepare musical offerings for our Sunday Services.

They really bring something special each time, both the performances themselves and the atmosphere it helps create.

Viola has an exceptional voice.

As soon as the weather was half-decent in Birmingham, a Youth Club/Barbecue was organised.

The food was cooked outside (10 C), but eaten in comparative warmth inside (20 C)!

Mary Bidard celebrated her 30th birthday with an African experience at ‘Akamba’ in the leafy suburbs of Solihull.

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We are making plans for our trip to North Wales with several of our older 2nd Gen, trying to arrange finance, transport, activities, etc.

Ron G is helping us with our visa applications.


Witnessing and Outreach        

We had some very inspiring Family Evenings with around 20 guests each time.

The most moving was one where we could welcome a Syrian family who had arrived in Birmingham 3 weeks earlier.

Such great people, very well educated, very open-minded and trying to adjust to their new reality.

We felt the atmosphere, the friendliness of everyone and the introductory talk could give them a little hope.




On another occasion, after an overview of history, we took the opportunity to present 2 Ambassador for Peace awards to Angele and Amelia, both of whom have had to deal with great difficulty in their personal lives.





The usual number of other meetings. We are generally invited to far more than we can manage, and try to choose those where we can learn something, or make a contribution, and where there will be good networking opportunities.

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