The Marriage Course

marriage courseSet in a beautiful backdrop at Cleeve House, our first and second sessions of the Marriage Course saw an attendance of seven couples: four from Wales and three from Wiltshire. All the couples had a merry time and Jennifer Nkumu was the facilitator of the Marriage Course, which went into depths of information and it mainly comprised of practical conversations that were engrossing in nature, along with other stuff played on the DVD. In parallel, people were sharing their own stories and all the people were in sync as they discussed regarding their issues and other personal aspects.

barbara and CarlosScoring each other regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship really does put a spotlight on you, on your role, on your responsibilities. It was good to learn about the different components of communication and to understand the different types of filters that are connected to our lived experience. We make our own judgements or assumptions on what we hear – often very inaccurately.

marriage courseIn the afternoon, a delicious meal was served in the candlelight and there was a soothing music to accompany it. The entire session turned out to be highly productive and we were able to set the frequency of ‘marriage time’, in which we rejuvenated our love like newly married couples and decided that it should be a weekly exercise.
In a step ahead to this, I can see that this marriage course is also another great witnessing tool we could use to invite our dear friends, family members, neighbours and work colleagues.


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