WFWP Wales Supporting Fundraising Event

On the 29th April, three members of WFWP went to a fund-raising event organised by Dr Grace Kerry one of our AFP. She is the founder of a charity called “Gift of Grace” which help underprivileged young women in a small village in Nigeria towards there education and poverty.

She travels there once or twice a year to organise the funds etc… and help the village on the whole. Dr. Grace worked herself up, studying and getting a doctrine degree, and has lectured in several universities, and has written a book.

She is a good supporter of WFWP and has spoken out on several occasions about us and about UPF. In the past, she has attended our meetings, and still would when she is free. She was very happy and appreciated our going to her event. It is good that WFWP can support our Associate members!

She was short-listed for an award last Saturday at Prof Meena’s event called “Ethnic Minority for Welsh Women Achievements Award.” EMWWAA.

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