Celebrating Alec Herzer’s 80th birthday

In the late 1960s, when the first British members were joining what was then called the “Unified Family”, a certain young man called Alec Herzer studied the Divine Principle and gave his life to God and True Parents. 5 decades later, he continues to live an eventful life actively involved in his local community. Alec recently celebrated his 80th birthday. This significant milestone was honoured by the FFWPU members of the Bromley Community with a lunch at a buffet restaurant.

During the meal, Alec was able to share about his time serving for the British army in Cyprus and about the jewellery business he used to run. He also explained how he got into cartography and calligraphy, which became his main business in later life. Alec also explained that what has kept him going in his life of faith has been his sincere gratitude for God’s love and blessings, which he has experienced in abundance throughout his life of devotion. May Alec Herzer enjoy many more years of love and blessings in the future!

Written by Matthew Huish, photos from Trevor Davies

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