Wales & West Country Joint Service

Wales and West Country Joint ServiceSome of us arrived the church an hour before the combined Sunday service started. This helped us to beautify the church before our august visitors trooped in. The day was just an exciting and memorable one. Our national leader, Matthew Huish early arrival surprised everyone. We were amazed by his prompt arrival. Indeed, his early presence showed how much he cared for us and the work of God at large. Mr. Matthew’s arrival opened the gate for others; more members started coming in and the entire atmosphere blew off.

Music Ministry WalesAt the start of the service, Bernard Chellew and other song ministers inspired us with the special numbers and indeed, every member was stirred up by their ministration. The work of the violist and guitarist – Matthew Huish, Ron German, and Jan Ansari boosted the song ministration session.

Raffle Ticket WinnerAs the service continued, the church MC, Elliot Yamamoto announced Rachel Kong as the official winner of this month’s raffle draw. This development affirmed the church decision to reward winners from the hat game. The event will, however, take place every quarter. It’s to attract more youths in Wales to be involved in the workshops.

Next was testimony time. Jan Ansari testimony is just an irresistible one. He magnified God for the great work he did in his life. “God was very real to me, he’s just not a theoretical being”, he said.Jan Ansari

Ruby FlavellSister Ruby Flavell further spruce up the congregation by her special poem about the spiritual world. None of her poems were useless; they were captivating in nature. Indeed, it affirms the maxim which states that “Sharing is really caring!”

The national leader, Matthew Huish further delivered such a powerful speech on this great day. The speech which he titled “What do I need to do in order to deserve God’s Unconditional Love” is more about his personal experience with God. His points were commanding and great; none of them can be neglected.

Matthew HuishMatthew related his message to the life of a baby. He used a baby’s life as a case study. At infant stage, the baby is ignorant of everything, he cries, complains and does several unpleasant things. Yet, his parent still expressed an unconditional love to the baby. It’s mysterious. Even though the baby wasn’t doing the right thing, the love was there. Incredible. This implies that God’s love is unconditional.

Using a biblical verse to educate us, he advised everyone to always ask God for help. According to the bible verse:” Ask and it will be given to you, Seek and you shall find and Knock and it will open to you. So Ask, Seek, Knock “, something is notable here,” Ask, Seek, Knock “.When you consider the first letter of each word, it produces an acronym A. S. K. In this modern generation, it is important that we constantly ask God with more earnest than ever before.

Peter KongThe service was closed with a song of offering ‘O Come My Lord’. Each member of Welsh family was then presented with a unification homegroup ministry manual book. This was based on the successful witnessing they recorded in Brazil. The book is expected to improve the home church through the practical methods that were discovered in Brazil.
As True Mother said ‘We must all learn from the Brazilian and Philippine Situation and take it back with you to your home and if you are willing to change, miracles can happen!.

After the closing prayer from Carlo, we had a lunch; it was such a delicious meal. All participants enjoyed the meal. It’s indeed a banquet that was filled with varieties of food – Stew, Rice, Pasta, Couscous Salad, Chicken Wings etc. We all enjoyed our day.

LunchShortly after the mouthwatering lunch, The Youth in Wales organized some board games in the smaller room. Even though there were losers and winners, everyone accepts the game results with love.

We received a deluge of positive feedback from everyone present at the combined service. As discussed in the last Wales CoC and Youth meeting, the combined service will hold every quarter. The next one is expected to hold in the West Country at Cleeve House next year January 2018.

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