Do Hard Things

Reminiscent of the Christopher Nolan film Inception, last Sunday the Bromley community were entertained by a performance of a play about a play. The teenagers who had participated in that weekend’s Youth Ministry workshop had prepared a skit in which actors were rehearsing to perform a play, repeating the scene multiple times with humorous differences in style. The story developed when one of the actors questioned his ability and confidence to perform in front of a crowd; after being discouraged by one person and encouraged by another, he decided to do the hard thing and go ahead with the play. The result was an entertaining performance of an entertaining performance. (Within an entertaining performance, within an entertaining performance…)


The purpose of this skit was to communicate the theme of the workshop, Do Hard Things. Sandwiched in between the fun of workshop fellowship – involving games, sports and meals – the teenagers watched in 2 parts a film about doing hard things. Discussing the content enthusiastically, the teens made connections between the experiences of their own lives and the ideas presented, which can be summarised in 7 points:

  1. Do Hard Things means fighting sin in my life
  2. Do Hard Things means battling discouragement and complacency
  3. Do Hard Things means doing more than is required
  4. Do Hard Things means getting over the fear of failure
  5. Do Hard Things looks different for each person
  6. Do Hard Things means doing small things
  7. Do Hard Things is your best life

To embody this content, the workshop participants challenged themselves to do something hard, which was to script, rehearse and perform a skit. Considering they had only prepared it the previous afternoon and evening, I think most members of the Bromley community would have been very impressed by the standard of the performance. Hopefully these young people can continue to challenge themselves to doing hard things and become teens who excel beyond the mediocre expectations that society has of them, instead fulfilling the glorious expectations God hopes of them.


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