Wales & West Country Easter Joint Service

Easter is among the relevant event several Christian across the world celebrates on yearly basis. It’s such a memorable festival that commemorates the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Christ. Many churches organize several programs to ensure the significance of the event is preached to followers of Christ. Our church is not left out in such practice.

Sally YamamotoThe recent Easter celebration was coloured by an eye-opening talk delivered by Sally. Her messaged titled “Renewal” (Resurrection) and the necessity of making a new start emphasised on some salient points that can help our journey. Notable points deduced from her preaching include:

  • Embracing change: A Unificationist is not expected to be rigid in his/her endeavour. It’s important for each follower of Unification Movement to let go of things that didn’t work. We should be creative enough to discover new and godly ways of achieving great results
  • Reference to True Father demanding prisoners’ courage to stay close to him in Hung Nam as it was such an important time. All members present in the church were encouraged to “stay close” to True Mother and sacrifice their time to go to Vienna. Easter period was termed as a time of sheep and goats. A period to encourage sheep in God’s vineyard to persevere in their daily Christian life and a moment to gain lost soul to Christ.

Easter Joint Service in Walesnadia yamamotoApproximately fifty people were in attendance at the recently celebrated Easter festival. The few people that couldn’t make it to the program were hindered by Carlo’s illness and Joanna’s faulty car.

The program was a spirit and fun-filled type. It was so interesting that those who were present on that day couldn’t afford to leave early.  The event went smoothly and can’t be wiped off in individual memory.

Endeavour to make yourself available for next Joint Service in July at Cleeve House

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Report by Bernard Chellew

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